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a different hero, it seems, every night, and pagan could be that guy tonight for san francisco. scutaro is on deck. breaking ball. pagan went around. strike 1. >> tim: now the outfield for the tigers have reverted to normal depth. no-doubles defense. they are trying to protect against the single now. >> joe: theriot can run. he's the runner at second. one out. good breaking ball from coke, who allowed the lead off hit. runner at second. one out. here's the 0-1. nicely picked by laird. >> tim: i was just thinking phil coke had a lot of wild pitches as a reliever. he had three. and that breaking ball in the dirt, from a catching standpoint, that puts an awful lot of pressure on laird. good play on the scoop. theriot, meanwhile, will be alert to go to third if the ball is in the dirt. >> joe: here's the 1-1. chopper to third. foul. strike 2. according to blanco, the clubhouse and the atmosphere is the same in spring training as it is during the world series. the look on the face of bruce bochy is the same, it seems, inspring training and july and the world series, whatever. >> tim: it all
could have asked this evening. >> joe: a three hour, three minute game and a 5-0 win for san francisco in game five. zito 1-0 now this postseason. lance lynn, 1-2. it will be carpenter and vogelsong on sunday evening in san francisco. carpenter lost that first go round to vogelsong, who went seven strong for bruce bochy and the giants in game two. so while they gather in front of the dugout, we will take you down to chris meyers standing by with the giants' hero. >> with barry zito. thanks, joe. if you felt the weight of san francisco on your shoulder, you certainly carried it well tonight. congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> what was working for you best? >> i had all my pitches working tonight, fiveches and different locks, changing speeds, doing what i do. >> obviously getting this back to san francisco is important. >> yeah, yeah, very important. >> this is a game you had to have. >> yeah. elimination. the most important thing is to get it back and our fans can be a factor in the game. that's a huge thing. >> the first career bunt single when you drove in a run, did you se
. >> joe: ball one to david freese. >> it's lik soccer crowd here in san francisco. >> tim: if it does go to game seven this will be the loudest crowd in the major leagues tomorrow night. >> joe: here is a i 1-1, one out, nobody on. freese. strike two. [ cheering ] >> tim: slider. >> joe: two out. >> tim: to know what pitch a lot of pitchers throw. all you to do is watch the catcher. mover outside for romo, a slider is on his way. >> joe: now descalso with two out, nobody on. daniel, 1 for 3. this good bullpen for the giants flexing its muscles here tonight. affeldt, casilla, romo. strike one. >> joe: strike two. [ cheering ] >> joe: pagan. game over! game seven tomorrow night. [ cheers & applause ] >> joe: bruce bochy and his sixth season as manager of the san francisco giants. lead his team tomorrow night to try to get them to their second world series in his time here in san francisco. cardinals will be trying to fight their way back to defend their title. >> it's remarkable the fifth straight elimination game confronted head on by bruce bochy. and his giants have won every one of them
: jackson lays off. ball 1. 1-2. since the 1st of august here at home in san francisco, sergio romo grew up a dodger fan, has not allowed an earned run. with one out, there it is again. two down. that pitch is just filthy. >> tim: slip sliding away. >> joe: now it's up to omar infante to get miguel cabrera to the plate. 2-0, giants in the ninth. infante out of the way of ball one. omar has one of the two hits tonight for detroit. a triple crown winner is standing near the on-deck circle. the 1-0. 2-0. for the starters, fister was good. bumgarner was better. seven shutout innings from the left-hander. he struck out eight. >> tim: infante was taking 1-0. he will be taking again here. >> joe: 2-1. wow! 2-2. >> tim: 2-1 slide we're a two-run lead. an idea of how he relies on that pitch. >> joe: a little pop-up. there's belt. giants up two games to nothing! [cheers and applause] >> joe: the tig will go home down two games to nothing. the giants get a win tonight from madison bumgarner. there you go. teams with a 2-0 lead have won the series 79% of the time. but some good pitching matchups coming
is in the bullpen. right at the top of the hour here in san francisco, a beautiful night, 62 degrees. that's us, joe, tim, kenny and erin at&t park. and this crowd has been loud all night. theriot's second at-bat since taking over for the injured scutaro. good breaking ball for strike 1. on deck, the switch-hitting sandoval with rzepczysnki in the bullpen. here's the 0-1. strike 2. guillermo mota will join romo if this inning gets out of hand. theriot trying to add to it. the 0-2 pitch. breaking ball fouled back. game three, a late afternoon game in st. louis on wednesday. giants trying to even the series. great work tonight from ryan vogelsong, their starter. a breaking ball. fouled away. >> tim: theriot fighting off some good pitches from shelby miller. >> joe: the cardinals are trying to convince him to stay in st. louis during the offseason. carpenter will tutor and work out with trevor rosenthal, their hard-throwing right-hander, during the offseason. they want shelby miller to think about doing the same thing. the runners are on with one out and the 0-2 pitch. a line drive, base hit! blanco sc
justin verlander back to the hill. trying to get this series back to san francisco. right now in game three down by just two. it's sergio romo in the game. to deal with the bottom three in the line-up. theers' hitters and the difference from the alcs to this world series. three games, three total runs, hitting .179. one home run. first up here in the bottom of the ninth inning. jhonny peralta. >> tim: we were talking about it last inning. it's tempting to leave tim lincecum after throwing only 32 pitches in this game. sergio romo has saved 14 of 15 this year. one blown save. that is it. >> joe: he saved game two. second save of the post season. giants lost their closer brian wilson in april. it has evolved to where it's romo's job. bottom of the nine's inning. peralta. ball one outside. lincecum, 2-1/3. no runs. no hits. struck out three, walked one. pitched around an error. vogelsong in line for the win. here is a 1-0 pitch. try to hold up. might have been a strike anyway. 1-1. >> tim: romo fastball, slider. primarily sliders to right-handed hitters. >> joe: here is a 1-1 pitch to pe
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to san francisco's expected thh obama campaign will raise nearly 9-and-a-half milllon dollars over tto days. republican challenger mitt romney heads south today... for a speech at the virginia military institute.romney has a major foreign policy speech pllnned... focused on the middle east.he's expected to say that the u-s should take a more assertive position on the conflict in syria.... and strennthen sanctions on iran. governoo marrin o'malley and new hampshirr senator kelly ayyte battled it out on fox &pblame for the bad economy. o'malleyyargued that president obama inherited a huge claimed he's only made it o'malley says: "we still have &pa long way to go..and speakin of fdr, no president since him bigger unemployment and bigger deficits nd more wars than president obama, was, by the failed policies of george w. bush, hich resulted in directly, the greatest ob losses since fdr. thissis not easy and it is harddwork but we are movinn forward. ayotte says: "hey, chris, let's ttlk about, though, his policies. of course, we didd't hear in the hour and 25 minutes of debat
. but in the course of the season, the way the guys evolve as a group, i mean you have got san francisco healthy, they have brian wilson who is in his own solar system leading the way out there. then the cardinal bullpen is a good group. we understand they as a group shot something on fox, which will air maybe tomorrow night. 3-2 pitch. foul tip. got sanchez. he has had a long night behind the plate. >> tim: you don't mind a foul tip like that coming in close game. but an 8-1 game, catchers feel like there is no justice. hitting on the top of the right foot. that is an interesting point, because both of these, there are no villains on either of the teams. they both have great personalities as groups and as individuals. >> joe: sanchez really hurt. >> tim: yeah. that ballgame down. there was no rushing blow. came down, right on top of the right foot. i believe it missed that part of his shin guard. yeah, it did. it went right, those are not hard-toed shoes. if those were hard-toed shoes, a catcher couldn't squat. they fiddle with those things in the '60s but they couldn't get the flexibility in t
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impressive. picked up from kansas city. a guy that has got some big outs for san francisco out of their pen. matt carpenter first up, then holliday, then adron chamber chambers. st. louis leading 3-1. bottom of the eighth inning. ball one, outside. >> joe: here is a 1-0. one ball, one strike. george kontos, the right-hander, got a lefty to start the inning, then a right-handed hitting holliday, then the lefty chambers. the 1-1. strike two. beltran left after one. carlos injured his knee. carpenter got the opportunity. in his first at-bat in the third inning hit a two-out, two- shot to right. to make it 2-1 st. louis. they lead 3-1. now a 1-2 pitch. got him looking! one away. >> tim: good slider to get matt carpenter. and that may have kept mijares in the ballgame. had carpenter gotten on, i doubt he would have been pitching to matt holliday. >> joe: instead, he will. holliday ,0-3. just 2 of 11 in this nlcs. eight for 35 this post season. one home run. >> joe: in case you're joining us late, matt holliday was involved in that controversial slide at second base the first inning of game two.
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... and put tooetter by m-s-n dot com.baltimore gees aafailing grade... ranking 97th out of 100 ities. san francisco gets an a-plus purora, colorado and seattle. memberssof the rock bbnd "journey" isited balttmore for a special cause. journee made a stop at johns hopkins hospital, unday for a v-i-p reception, before their concert at the was all to help aise money for the johns hopkinn kimmel canccr centerr many patients "we will do whatever we can for whoever we can if we''e gonna milk the celebritt weere gonna mill it for the good ya pnow and that's the eautiful we've done so well so you hy - gotta keep giviig bbck so you can eep giving its awesome." awesooe."all the procceds from cancer ppttents and their efit - at that concert in baltimore... joorney ggiiarist neal schoo proposed to girlfriend, mmchaele salahi... and she saiddyys. youtube... just hours ago.the houseeives of d-c" star was - reported miising by her then- husband of 8 yeaas... ttreq palahi. it turned out she was fine and was with schon. the as the so-called "white houss - prasherr"... when they were photog
... gas prices there... / seem... to be... oot of 3 from san francisco to san diego, edding to redondo, californians are cringing at the pump. mos says, "it's ffustrating. it really is frustrating." in many cases "frustrating" is the nicest word drivers in the golden state are using hen reacttng to gasoline prices that have spiked in thee neighborhood of fifty-twoo cents, in just the last week. mos sayss "i think the prices areeridiculous. mos sayy, "people working, they need a break. it's too high. it's way too high.""os says, says, "i try not to drive unless i really have to."mos saas, "ten dolllrs in gas doesn't even giveeme a quarter of a tank if i need to put in just ten dollars in gas, so it's eally out of contrrl. i mean its almost five buckssa gallon." the official average of california gas is around four- gallon, the highest on record, with many stations already above five-bucks for reeular unleaded. industry experts blame the incceased cost on alloo for gas imported across ptate lines, and refinery outages which have led to decreased supply. the gas scrambling with j
-dollar donnrs to attend a 20-thousand doolar a plate dinner... before heading to san francisco tomorroo. romney heads south today... for a speech at the virginia pilitary institute.romney has planned... focused on the ech middle east. one person is dead...affer a huueefighh breaks out a &pphilaelphia hotel..and it's all caaght on tape. tape.nats of fight! fiiht! a 15-year-old caputured it on his ceel phone... from the balcony oo the sheraton society hill hotel.the fiiht parties.police say an arguement started in the otel bar... and escalted. escalted.when it was ll over .. a bride was punchee.. aad her 57-year old uncle diid of a heart attack... hoors after the brawl. threeepeople cited for crimes.police believe alcohol could be a factor. you may need a jacket as you hhad out this morning ... ...but don't put away those tank tops just yet!when you can expect warrer temperatures. pemperatures. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. local.. all morning.. & barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's goin
f the 17 yeaa old. parents say a menace is on thh loose in san francisco...and he's dressed in an elmo costume. the so-called "evil elmo" first appeared in new york. 'evil elmo' shown heee ... is a flinging obscenities nd religious insults.on sunday, he or his clone hit roosi park pistrict. "kids are just lured in and their children and hen obscenities which i think is terribll." "the thought hat someeody could be using sommthing so innocent.. nd evious idea to do that... &pmean it's, it's gross." attorney's say the "evil elmo"" couud be faciig a lawsuit... becauue he doesn't own the rights to it. reality star "flaaor fllv" will ppear in court today... on charges of battery domestic violence.on wednesday... police were called to a las vegas hooe for a domestic disturbance. they she and the 53-year--ldd to be entertainnr wwre in a violent arggment... and that he with a nife. he's now beinn held on 3-thoosand-dollar paill reality t-v star, kate the motter of 8 was ffred from - for a website for coupoo enthusiasss.according to he eventt" that leddhim to decide the f
at the ddttoit tigers aad san e francisco iantssthe detroit native has been tapped to sing night. as it turns out... her voice ay be a good luck &pcharm. last year... franklin performed "the staa sppngled game three of the american league championshipp eries... are you our bbggest an?then you can become.. our fan off tte day! evvryday we'll piik ooe of oor vieeers from our ffcebook fox45 news at bbcome a - fan just go to ourrfacebook page... facebook dot com slash foxxaltimore. 3&coming up... controverss... over special police officers in baltimore. dding... that has anddthey're more than just politician maskk. how these halloween cootumes could actually predict our nnet presidenttyou're watchinn fox ((break 3)). - ((bump in)) some baltimore leaders are asking for more oversight... of special police ooficers... who are essentially security ggurds. they've been granted special powerssto arrest and search citizzns. as melinda roeeer explains... there's no required training... and some 3 (fileevideo of police trainnng oorgenerrc cop stuff??)police officcrs typicall
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17